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Nanoleaf 12-watt 1600 Lumen LED Light Bulb


  • NanoLeaf 12W Energy Saving household light
  • True Omni-directional light output 
  • Over-Temperature Protection

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The World’s Most Energy Efficient Light Bulb. Using only 10 watts of electricity, the Nanoleaf bulb generates over 1200 lumens, equivalent to a 75W incandescent light bulb. There are plenty of 20-60W Equivalent LED light bulbs in the market today, but the selection for 75-100W equivalents is still quite rare. To most light bulb manufacturers high efficiency and cost effective light bulb production is still uncharted territory. The Nanoleaf takes energy efficient lighting to a whole new level by offering a light bulb far more efficient than any existing LED bulb. It is a true breakthrough for LED Lighting technology.

Using True Omni-directional Light Output creates a perfect 360 degree lighting solution for lamps or fixtures requiring a standard Edison base. NanoLeaf utilizes a customized over-temperature safety feature to ensure the bulb never overheats, and is safe to use within fully enclosed light fixtures. Created with the environment in mind, Nanoleaf can help you reduce your energy consumption and every Nanoleaf is mercury and lead free.

  • NanoLeaf 12W Energy Saving household light can replace your 100-W Incandescent bulb saving you up to 370 in electricity (based on 14cents/kWhr)
  • True Omni-directional light output – The NanoLeaf’s unique shape is one of the only truly omni-directional light bulbs on the market
  • Over-Temperature Protection – Never overheats and is safe to use within fully enclosed light fixtures
  • Mercury-free and lead-free construction
  • 3500K Warm White color temperature provides comfortable lighting for your home or office
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