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Gloomhaven Wooden Organizer Insert and Storage by Smonex


$110.95 $109.95

  • Made of birch plywood and acrylic covers. 
  • Easy and fast setup.
  • Suitable for Gloomhaven and the Forgotten Circles expansion.
  • Will not bend and scratch under the weight of other elements.
  • Fit to cards with premium protectors or sleeved cards.

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Take the role of a wandering adventurer with your own special set of skills, this Smart One Box (Smonex) will help to organize your Gloomhaven game space. The main mission of Smart One Box (Smonex) is one really smart box for everything. They will take care of the safety and storage of your board games and you enjoy them. The organizer assembly is fun and easy, a great solution to speed up the game and organize the storage of resources, cards and markers.

This Gloomhaven organizer has 18 elements  and includes:

  • A big overlay tiles tray with acrylic cover for storage 2-sided overlay tiles (terrain, tables, walls) and an overlay tiles tray with acrylic cover for 2-sided overlay tiles (obstacles, traps, treasure),
  • A premium Monsters tray intended for monsters storage, a summon token tray for summoning tokens storage and a status token tray for status tokens,
  • A stylish Attack modifier cardholder for attack modifier cards,
  • A Cardholder with acrylic covers for convenient storage of all your cards and opportunity to separate them by type,
  • A stand tray for storage plastic game stands, a coin holder for money tokens and a damage tray for damage tokens,
  • An objective tokens tray for scenario aid tokens, objective tokens and wood elements discs,
  • A character tray for character miniatures boxes storage,
  • A monster stat tray for monster stat sleeves and event cards storage,
  • A map tiles tray for 2-sided map tiles, and
  • Four functional Player boards intended for comfortable game and saving results between your games.
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