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This deluxe dice pouch or bag is hand-crafted and made of soft purple velvet. The bag successfully combines the organization of a tackle box with the convenience and style of a finely made pouch. Not only does it look gorgeous, it also has 8 interior pockets – and each can hold a standard-sized polyhedral dice set! (Yes, this includes 10d10 and 12d6 sets), as well as an extra larger compartment that can hold figurines, character sheets or even a second smaller dice bag ;) Each pocket has multiple layers of fabric for durability and protection, the satin cord can be wrapped around the top when the bag is closed, and the bag includes a double-infinity embellished metal cord lock fastener to keep everything in place and secure.

  • Measurements: Approximate 6 inches when closed.
  • Materials: High quality purple velvet and others.
  • The purple is the perfect deep eggplant shade!
  •  The bag will hold 8-10 D20s comfortably in each of the side pockets.
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