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10″ Mini Charmander Backpack with Extension Tail


  • 10” Mini Charmander Backpack
  • Comes with extension Tail
  • Material: Synthetic

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Yes, everybody loves Pikachu. But let get realistic, we always knew that the reasonable election was Charmander. Charmander all the way, without a doubt. You didn’t need to be a Pokémon trainer to see that red one was the obvious choice.

If that isn’t enough, just let me say one more thing. Charizard. The Badass, the Rambo from all 729. As the expert that you are, you understand that if you want one the only way is to get a Charmander. Because is impossible to catch a wild Charizard. No one is going to catch a wild motherf*cker Charizard. Are you crazy? Do you like fried Squirtle? Because that is what you are getting.

Children need to be told what is what. An important decision lies in front of them. The starter Pokemon is no joke. What if he says “how cute is the green one, I am getting that”. You can’t allow this to happen. You cannot. It is a mistake he will carry for the rest of his life and he will never forgive you. Every kid needs a dragon.

This 10” Mini Charmander Backpack with Extension Tail it has a perfect size. With its 9.5” high and 11” wide is padded and has adjustable straps. It is made of synthetic lining which makes it hand washable. And has a zipper closure.

It is perfect for long walks. God knows that with Pokemon Go finally launching we are all walking more and more every. So get it today. It is a great gift for any fan. And the perfect way to introduce anyone into the franchise.

Catch them all in your new backpack.

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