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What are Stirling Engines and Where to Get One for Home or School

Stirling engines are one of the most fascinating little devices you will ever encounter – we guarantee it. A clean, almost free way of creating energy that you can even activate using a cup of coffee.

Sterling engines are heat engines that operate by compressing and expanding air or gas in a cyclic at different temperatures. We absolutely recommend you check them out for yourself, for example you can take a look at this video from one of our most admired uber-geeks Lindy Beige which explains it much better than we could.

You can run your own Sterling engine at home (or at school, or the office). They are inexpensive, easy to get online and require practically zero set-up. Below are some of our recommended options.

The following engines have been selected due to their accessibility. Click on the titles or images to get them directly, brand-new.

A portable-size Stirling engine produced with high quality materials and ideal for placing on top of a cuppa.

A large-capacity boiler design, with alcohol lamps and power piston made of brass. 

There are several designs and models to choose from, all serving different purposes and in varied price ranges.

This engine is made of metal and has two cylinders. It includes an LED bulb.

This engine runs on alcohol and comes with a colorful LED. The base is made of aluminium alloy.

This engine has sixteen cylinders (8 Heating Pipes and 8 Cooling Pipes).

This engine is made of brushed aluminium alloy and includes a multicolored LED light.

This engine has two cylinders and is very easy to operate. It uses an alcohol lamp.

This high-quality steel engine works with alcohol and comes with several accessories.