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Tesla Coils you can Build and Test – Nikola Tesla Gifts

These Tesla coils are a great gift idea for fans of Nikola Tesla‘s inventions.

Tesla coils are used to produce high-voltage, low-current, high-frequency alternating-current electricity. While Tesla coil circuits were used before in radio transmitters for wireless telegraphy and in medical equipment such as electrotherapy and violet ray devices, their main use today is for entertainment and educational display.

We have put together a collection of Tesla coils and where to find them. Surprise your Tesla enthusiast with a unique gift.

“If your hate could be turned into electricity, it would light up the whole world.” Nikola Tesla.

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    The LC2910-HC Van De Graaff generator is designed for institutional use. It’s a workhorse and proven performer in schools, universities, science museums, electrical cooperatives and NOAA facilities across the country. We’ve designed this Van De Graaff generator from the ground up, with every component being of premium quality.

    This commercial generator is designed for heavy institutional use. It features a large sealed bearing electric motor that will provide years of trouble free service with no maintenance. The sealed bearing motor produces a powerful 3,500 RPM. Dual risers located inside the upper dome make belt centering a snap! Discharge wand and wire are included.

    This is the 3rd generation of Lethan Corporation’s most popular and best-selling LC2910-HC Van De Graaff generator.

    • Humidity Control and Fuse Overload Protection.
    • Discharge Wand Included.
    • Dual Riser Belt Tensioning System.
    • Quick Connect Terminal In Dome.
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    When we were children, we were always full of expectation of the world. We imagined stepping on the water, flying in the sky. I imagined that when I pick up a lamp, it will shine sitting on my hands. It doesn’t need to nailed to the ceiling or pinned to the wall anymore. Now, this Tesla coil makes your dreams come true. What a marvelous little thing! This Tesla coil is a wonderful conversation piece, and a cool piece of art even just stands on your desk.

    This set includes 1 Tesla coil model, 1 power bank, 1 USB cable, 1 Metal ball and 1 SG302 extra spark gaps (gas discharge tubes) specification 2R3000 2feet 3000V. You can see the main schematic diagram in the baseboard backside.

    • Dimensions of coil model: 7.71″ x 3.74″ x 3.93″ (19.6cm x 9.5cm x 10.0cm)
    • Net weight: 300g / 10.14 oz / Gross weight: 400g / 13.52 oz.
    • Power supply: Via USB 5V port.
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    You can connect your phone, mp3, computer audio with the Joytech Music Tesla Coil Acrylic Base Arc Plasma Loudspeaker. It’s not limited to any music format and can play any form of music. Can work for hours on end. No manual needed at all. PLUG and PLAY out of the box!

    The tesla coils come setup to work, but need you 5 minutes DIY work to assemble the acrylic base shell. In order to avoid the damage of the acrylic shell during shipment, the manufacturer packages it in an acrylic base shell board separately. You’ll need to assemble the acrylic shell yourself (detailed assembly instructions are included in the package). The clear acrylic shell base will protect the coil from heat.

    This music tesla can light fluorescent light, stroboscopic tube, neon bubble, glow tube, spectral tube, etc. it can produce an arc, the high temperature produced by the arc can ignite the paper. You can also use it as a magic prop to perform.

    • Size: 2.64in x 2.64in x 5.31in (67mm x 67mm x 135mm)
    • Net weight: 170g / 0.37lb / Weight after packaging: 450g / 0.99lb.
    • Power supply input voltage: 24V DC.
    • Power supply current: 2A-3A.
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    Assembled Mini Rotating Music Tesla Coil Kit with Purple Arc for Kids DIY Projects. After the Tesla coil is powered up, generate high temperature and high pressure plasma, it can ignition, wireless transmission and illuminate the neon, LED energy-saving lamps in the air. It can be connected MP3 audio, computer, mobile phone, let arc sing and play music.

    The arc generated will have a certain amount of thrust, in the role of thrust will swing. Suitable for beginner, student experiments, curriculum design and so on, very interesting small scientific experiments.

    • Power supply input voltage: 24V DC.
    • Power supply current: 2A-3A.
    • Power supply interface: 5.5-2.1 (internal positive and external negative).
    • Number of coil turns: 250.
    • Audio interface: 3.5mm socket.
    • The volume produced will be higher than the volume of the headset.
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    “The Ultimate Tesla Coil Design and Construction Guide” is the only book that covers a Tesla coil construction in so much detail. The book is a one-stop reference covering the theory, design tools, and techniques necessary to create a Tesla coil using modern materials. This unique resource utilizes Excel spreadsheets to perform calculations and SPICE simulation models on the companion website to enhance understanding of coil performance and operating theory.

    About the author: Mitch grew up on a farm in a small town in Minnesota. A move to Colorado as a teenager found him graduating high school in 1975 and leaving for boot camp in the U.S. Marine Corps. A twenty year military career as an electronics technician and CH-46 helicopter crewchief in the U.S. Navy brought him to retirement in 1998. He graduated Summa cum Laude from Southern Illinois University in 1991. Mitch transitioned to the space industry as a Reliability Engineer and Engineering Analyst where he currently conducts worst case performance, electrical stress, and failure modes and effects analyses, reliability predictions and a host of engineering tasks which assist in spacecraft design.

    • Paperback: 413 pages.
    • Publisher: McGraw-Hill Education TAB; 1 edition (October 12, 2007).
    • Language: English.
    • ISBN-10: 0071497374.
    • ISBN-13: 978-0071497374.
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    Sunnytech Tesla Coil Arc PLL SSTC Plasma Loudspeaker. Easy Operation: Doesn’t need to grounded. No manual needed at all. PLUG and PLAY out of the box! Use this coil as a loudspeaker. The voice is clear and resonant, can play music in variety formats. Light up via air: This music tesla can light fluorescent lamps, glow lights, neon lights, LED lights and various gas lamps. Long Lasting: This tesla coil is safe, special heat dissipation device, good heat dissipation effect, can work for hours on end. Amazing conversation pieces on your desk: It’s funny to see people’s looks and reactions when they squeeze a little shot for this tesla coil model. Plug it and light LED bulb up, and then it works like charm.

    • Size: 6(L)*6(W)*22.7(H)CM/ 2.36* 2.36* 8.93 in.
    • Power consumption: DC24V 2A.
    • Adapter input: 100-240v/1.0A/50-60HZ.
    • Output frequency: 3MHZ±10%.
    • Weight: 650g.
    • Max.Volume decibels: 120 DB.
    • Audio cable: 3.5mm / 0.13″ round port.
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    This mini Tesla coil is PLUG and PLAY! This is a fully functioning Tesla coil unit and comes with a variable voltage power adapter and an audio cable. This product uses the 220V/110V ac power supply. With a good conductor near the top, this mini Tesla coil can produce an arc of around 1 mm (you shouldn’t get your hands too close to it, though, because it will act as a conductor and form a loop with the coil. So please pay attention!). The coil won’t produce an independent air discharge arc. 

    This mini Tesla coil is a great experiment and pretty safe for kids over 9, but always take precautions. Younger kids will need adult supervision. Very good little tesla coil. You can safely see what it is all about and see real sparks , but in miniature. Stirlingtechonline is exclusive distributor and the owner of the brand “SunnyTech”. 

    This unit is amazing considering the electric field it generates with only a five volt dc power source. Lets one appreciate the concept of electrical resonance. I recommend getting some books on the subject to go with it. You can see the product working here:

    • Main material: Teflon tube (currently dielectric loss minimum material), QA enameled wire, triode BD237, light-emitting diodes (leds), etc.
    • Product size: 75 * 25 mm/ 2.95in * 0.98in
    • Weight:180g / 6.35 oz
    • This product USE the 220V/110V AC power supply
    • Suitable for 6 years and upwards.
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    This is a table top Tesla coil with an adjustable spark gap. The package includes two antenna plates, a small neon lightbulb, a mini discharge electrode and a lamp socket. This hands-free Tesla coil is perfect for demonstrating the unusual properties of high-frequency electrical phenomena.

    This electrifying device teaches about transformers, electromagnetism, resonating electrical circuits, electric inductance, capacitance, and electrical power transmission. If you are expecting a fully powered Tesla coil that shoot beams of electrons, this is not it. But this Tesla coil works perfectly for classroom demonstrations. You should get it to arc about 2 or 3 inches.

    • Table top Tesla coil apparatus.
    • Great for educational demonstrations.
    • Produces a 2″ to 3″ arch.
    • Includes two antenna plates, a small neon light bulb, a mini discharge electrode and a lamp socket.