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Saint Seiya Myth Cloth: All the Bandai Action Figures and Where to Get Them

Saint Seiya Myth Cloth is a toy-line from Bandai that was originally intended to only release the 5 Bronze Saints for the 12th anniversary of the series and the anticipated Hades Arc OVA in 2003. Since its introduction, the line-up has expanded to cover almost all the characters in the Saint Seiya universe, gaining positive reviews from old and new collectors.

The Bandai Myth Cloth collection includes a ‘basic’ (but huge!) line-up, as well as campaign and event specials. Below you can find the line-up for the years 2004 to 2009.

During 2003 and 2004, Bandai released the first set of Myth Cloth figures, which included the five bronze saints and five gold saints.

During 2005, Bandai released six more gold saints, as well as two bronze saints and one of the infamous “3 Judges of the Underworld“, Wyvern Rhadamanthys.

Released January 2005.

Released February 2005.

Released June 2005.

Released August 2005.

Released November 2005.

Released November 2005.

Released December 2005.

Released February 2006.

Released April 2006.

Released April 2006.

Released May 2006.

Released September 2006.

Released October 2006.

Released November 2006.

Released December 2006.

Released February 2007.

Released June 2007.

Released August 2007.

Released September 2007.

Released October 2007.

Released December 2007.

Released January 2008.

Released March 2008.

Released April 2008.

Released May 2008.

Released August 2008.

Released November 2008.

Released December 2008.

Released August 2009.

Released September 2009.

Released November 2009.

Released December 2009.

Released April 2011.

Released November 2011.

Released May 2012.

Released February 2012.