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Dungeons & Dragons Starter Kits for New Dungeon Masters

Are you entering the world of D&D for the first time and considering becoming a Dungeon Master? Do you need some help getting started?

A Dungeon Master facilitates, narrates and referees the adventure of a group of players in the Dungeons and Dragons world. The equipment of a DM can range from a single dice set and an impromptu screen to a full-on display of D&D goodies such as mats, tokens, cards and much more.

“Wait… hold on a sec… let me check something…” – every DM ever

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    Add a little mayhem to your game! The Critical Fumble Deck is a sequel to the popular Critical Hit Deck and is designed to balance out the system, allowing both minor and major mishaps to occur during combat. The Critical Fumble Deck consists of 52 full-color standard-sized cards, ready to use out of the box with the enclosed rules.

    • Critical Fumble Deck from GameMastery
    • A sequel to the popular Critical Hit Deck
    • 52 full-color standard-sized cards
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    These tiles are a great quality and useful no matter your play style. This is a solid purchase that fills out those two sets and allows for a massive array of buildings and options. It does have enough tiles to make a reasonable range of street-scapes, and the docks are particularly nice if you have encounters on a dock.

    Illustrated urban terrain tiles for use with the Dungeons & Dragons Fantasy Roleplaying Game

    The Dungeon Tiles Master Sets are designed to give Dungeon Masters the tiles they need to build Dungeons & Dragons adventure maps, including maps appearing in published adventures.

    With this box of customizable terrain tiles, Dungeon Masters can add new dimension to their Dungeons & Dragons tabletop experience. Easy to set up and infinitely expandable, this Dungeon Tiles set allows DMs to create the adventures they want to play.

    • This box contains 10 double-sided sheets of illustrated, die-cut terrain tiles printed on heavy cardstock.
    • The tiles feature city streets, sewer tunnels, and terrain elements that Dungeon Masters can use to build exciting encounters set in urban environments.
    • Customisable tiles
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    This essential product for Dungeon Masters collects the most iconic monsters of the Dungeons & Dragons world in one handy box and presents all-new variants, including new spins on such beloved monsters as dragons, orcs, and vampires. The monsters described herein are designed to be easy for Dungeon Masters to use and fun for players to fight. In addition to combat statistics, each monster entry comes with story information to help DMs incorporate the monsters into their adventures and campaigns.

    In addition to a comprehensive collection of iconic Dungeons & Dragonsmonsters, this box contains die-cut tokens for the monsters that appear within, as well as a 32-page adventure that showcases several of the monsters. Dungeon Masters can easily incorporate the adventure into their ongoing campaigns.

    Game components:

    • 160-page book of monsters
    • 32-page adventure
    • 10 sheets of die-cut monster tokens
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    These handy reference cards provide at-a-glance summaries of all the major conditions found in the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. Whether your character is poisoned, grappled, nauseated, dazed, or any of more than two-dozen other conditions, these cards tell you everything you need to know about how to handle the situation in your game.

    The Condition Cards deck contains 55 cards, including multiple copies of some of the most commonly encountered conditions.

    • Contains 55 cards
    • Includes all major conditions found in Pathfinder
    • Comes with multiple copies of common conditions

    About the Author: Jason Bulmahn is the Lead Designer of Paizo Publishing and the author of the Pathfinder Roleplaying Game. He has worked for Paizo since 2004 and has contributed to dozens of books for both Paizo and Wizards of the Coast. His work has won one Origins Awards and eleven ENnies.

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    This pack of D&D / tabletop coin props is a great assistant for the pedantic Dungeon Master. These are simple, humble plastic coins, so they work better as a way to keep track of your player’s treasures, rather than become a conversation piece. The treasure comes with 192 pieces in total, including 144 gold coins, 24 precious gems in assorted colors, 12 gemstone rings, and 12 necklaces.

    The set is perfect for use with fantasy roleplaying games, pirate themed games and more. The coins and gems are made of plastic but look really good, with some even showing a little blacken on them to make them look older.

    • 192 piece treasure assortment
    • Material: Plastic
    • The gold coins are approximately 1″ in diameter
    • 144 gold coins, 24 precious gems in assorted colors, 12 gemstone rings, and 12 necklaces
    • 100% money back guarantee and manufacturer’s warranty 
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    Theis styled dice tray is used for RPG, DND and other tabletop games. Made with thick PU leather and good quality velvet you’ll protect your table from dents and gashes when rolling metal dice. The ingenious construction uses 6 snap fastener of the leather tray is a convenience to carry and play games anywhere. The tray provides plenty of space for dice to bounce free and effectively keep them from flying out. Double side design of camel velvet lining and thick PU leather surface shows elegant appearance and wonderful touch feeling.

    • Color: Camel.
    • Material: PU leather & Velvet.
    • Weight: 0.39 pounds.
    • Dimensions: Expanded 13.4 x 13.4 in. Closed 12.13 x 9.06 x 1.81 in.
    • Keep from moisture and sun exposure.
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    Build more dynamic campaigns, craft stronger characters, and discover new worlds with this official Dungeons & Dragons writing journal for Dungeon Masters and players at all levels.

    From the writers of Dungeons & Dragons, this officially licensed journal with 365 writing prompts is the essential new tool both Dungeon Masters and players of all levels will enjoy using. This journal is your key to unlocking the backstories of your heroes, the motives of your villains, and the surprises that are hidden within the campaign narrative, helping you build a strong foundation for your next game night. Whether you’re new to D&D or a seasoned player, these questions will help you create new realms you never before imagined.

    • Series: Dungeons & Dragons.
    • Language: English.
    • Pages: 368 pages.
    • Publisher: Clarkson Potter (May 12, 2020).
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    Ramp up your role-playing game (RPG) and make your character your own with this fun, interactive workbook—an essential addition to any player’s gaming kit.

    You’ve chosen your class, bought your weapons, and rolled for your stats, and you’re now the proud owner of your own RPG (role-playing game) avatar. But before you begin your adventure, there’s so much more you can do with your character to make him or her your own! Just how evil is she? What does his dating profile look like? Where did she get that scar? What does he want for his birthday? With fill-in-the blank narratives, prompts, and fun activities to help you customize your character at the start of the game, or build out your backstory as you play, The Ultimate RPG Character Backstory Book will help you fully imagine your character and bring them to life for the ultimate gaming experience!

    • Series: The Ultimate RPG Guide Series.
    • Paperback: 272 pages.
    • Publisher: Adams Media (October 2, 2018).
    • Language: English.
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    Bring the joy of an interactive and dynamic gaming experience to every session with a convenient loop designed to securely hold rolled up battlemaps and hex grids. Store books, sheets, and reference material for your next session in the spacious main compartment complete with a padded divider for custom organization. An intuitive top compartment features a 16 section foam storage section for 28mm figures to represent your PC, NPC’s, or the party’s next set of foes. A front facing zippered pouch easily stores loose dice or pouches, pencils/pens, tokens, cards, small note pads and much more.

    • Enough room for your dragon’s hoard of player or DM gear.
    • Year Warranty with every purchase.
    • Exterior dimensions: 14 x 12 x 7.5 inches.
    • Book Storage: 4-8 RPG Books. 3 Exterior Pockets.
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    This DM starter kit gives you everything you need to run a table – besides your RPG book of choice, of course! Five complete sets of polyhedral dice each include a d20, d12, d10, percentile d10, d8, d6, and a very pointy d4. A full set of health trackers will keep your players in the loop and in the fight. Master’s Atlas Dungeon Tiles provide over a thousand inches of fully conquerable terrain, plus 48 hand-illustrated object tokens. And the customizable DM screen provides just the right amount of privacy for when a dice roll needs to be…discrete. This is everything you need to get out there. Get gaming.

    • Includes DM screen, five sets of dice, and more.
    • Set of 44 reversible, dry or wet-erase dungeon tiles and 48 object tokens.
    • Handy set of 5 colorful HP trackers.
    • 35 polyhedral dice in 5 unique color sets.
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    Take your first step into the world of Dungeons & Dragons, or get a more expansive D&D experience after playing the Starter Set. Play with groups as small as two players (one Dungeon Master & one adventurer) for the first time in D&D fifth edition with the introduction of “sidekicks.” Battle and plunder your way through Phandalin in the all new D&D adventure, Dragon of Icespire Peak. Experience the thrill of being a Dungeon Master behind a four-panel DM screen with at-a-glance game rules for quick and easy reference. Continue your Dungeons & Dragons journey with codes to unlock content on D&D Beyond, the official digital toolset for D&D.

    • Includes rulebook, adventure and blank character sheets.
    • Includes dice, 33″ × 8.5″ Dungeon Master’s screen.
    • Includes cards for magic items, sidekicks and poster map.
    • Play with Groups as Small as Two Players.
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    This random lot of 25 D&D miniatures is perfect for adding a menagerie of monsters to a new collection or for adding fresh characters to your current campaign. One 1000 card count-sized Golden Groundhog Treasure Chest Storage box is also included – perfect for storing stat cards! This is a lot produced by Golden Groundhog, containing the custom storage box, featuring the smiling groundhog.

    • 25 Assorted D&D miniatures.
    • Includes treasure chest.
    • Package Dimensions: 7.4 x 5.7 x 3.5 inches.
    • Golden Groundhog TM of Webbed Sphere Inc.