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The Best Dice Towers and Trays for Roleplaying, DnD and Tabletop

Are you looking for the next addition to your roleplaying or tabletop game? How about an original dice tower or tray?

We’ve selected some of the best dice towers and trays, ideal for your game of Dungeons and Dragons, Pathfinder, Cthulu and others. And the best part is, you can get them directly from Amazon.

“Dungeons & Dragons was like that. Forget that half the kids in school probably went around slaying dragons and stashing loot on their PlayStations or iPads. It’s different when you actually have to roll the dice.” ― John David Anderson

  • $12.99 $8.99

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    Theis styled dice tray is used for RPG, DND and other tabletop games. Made with thick PU leather and good quality velvet you’ll protect your table from dents and gashes when rolling metal dice. The ingenious construction uses 6 snap fastener of the leather tray is a convenience to carry and play games anywhere. The tray provides plenty of space for dice to bounce free and effectively keep them from flying out. Double side design of camel velvet lining and thick PU leather surface shows elegant appearance and wonderful touch feeling.

    • Color: Camel.
    • Material: PU leather & Velvet.
    • Weight: 0.39 pounds.
    • Dimensions: Expanded 13.4 x 13.4 in. Closed 12.13 x 9.06 x 1.81 in.
    • Keep from moisture and sun exposure.
  • $16.99

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    Keep your game pieces in place, your counters properly counting, and landscape scenery intact with this laser-engraved dice tower.  The tower is made of quality plywood and engraved with laser technology. Crafted of high-quality materials, it’s sure to last many gaming sessions. The tower comes as a bunch of flat wood pieces that you can easily fit them together using screws. Once complete, it’s solid, nice looking, and compact. Victory is near as your dice drops and you hear the echoes if the plastic on wood. The entire table waits, eagerly waiting to see if you survive…

    • Dimensions: 2.3″ wide, 6.4″ long, 6.3″ tall (standing).
    • Adorned with a classic Dungeons & Dragons motif.
    • Precisely cut and decorated with a high-powered laser engraver.
    • Dice size up to a standard d20 can be rolled through.
  • $39.99

    This product is out of stock!

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    Treat yourself to this modern interpretation of a dice tower which combines thick clear acrylic and finished laser-cut wood. The transparent sides allow the dice to be seen inside and channels a satisfying sound as the dice fall through. Now with an exciting new etch design featuring imagery inspired by the works of H.P. Lovecraft. Something ancient lurking below the depths is now eager to wrap its winding tentacles around your dice! Its the perfect piece to go along with your game, as long as you pass your sanity check.

    • Works with up to a standard 30 sided die.
    • Compatible with all C4Labs dice trays.
    • Folds up for transport.
    • Dimensions: 10” tall, 3.5” wide, top 3”x3”, tray 7.5”.
    • Made in Tacoma, Washington.
  • $25.95

    This product is out of stock!

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    The new factory-made FoxTower is now available on Amazon. The Standard size FoxTower is good for RPGs and Board Games dice such as The Settler of Catan, Stone Age, Small World, Ghost stories, and Dungeons & Dragons. The original FoxTower came out two years ago, and it was printed using 3D printers. After the creator graduated from University of Central Florida this year, he needed a real job but did not want to see the FoxTower die. Therefore, heI contacted several manufacturers and ten months later the new FoxTower was finally released! 

    • Clear Tower, dice not included.
    • Unbreakable Warranty!
    • Good for RPGs and Board Games dice (16mm).
    • 6.5 x 3 x 4 inch. Factory Made.
  • $7.99

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    This dice folding tray shows exquisite workmanship: A dark purple velvet on one side, and a thick PU Leather on the reverse side with elegant stitched design and elegant appearance. The trays make a perfect gift for anyone who loves their DnD dice or the perfect add on as you buy your new dice, the perfect solution for portability, protecting your roll surfaces, and keeping dice from flying off the table. 

    • Sturdy and durable dice tray.
    • Dimensions: Unsnapped 10.6 x7.5 inches, Snapped size L 8.86 x W 5.9 x H 1.42 inches.
    • Unique design with 4 snap fasteners.
    • Material: Exterior PU leather; Interior purple velvet.
  • $29.99

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    Honor your dice with a sanctum that celebrates their fate-determining power and showcases their polyhedral prowess. With the Forged Dice Co Dice Arena, you do more than cast your dice, you engage your game. Features include: Faux Black Dragon Hide – Has the look and feel reminiscent of real wyrm skin. 1.125” Deep Arena – Cast your dice into a gladiatorial chamber built for heroic battle. Upper Deck Dice Showcase – Displays your prized polyhedrals while making them easily accessible for quick saves, critical hit rolls, and initiative victories.
    Luxurious Velvet Playing Surface – Caresses your dice and helps prevent rogue rolls and role-play-induced injuries. Transport, use and display your dice with the honor and pride they deserve with the Forged Dice Co Dice Arena.

    • Material: Faux Black Dragon Hide.
    • Hexagon shape measures 8.75 inches long, 1.75 inches tall with lid on.
    • Dual-purpose rolling tray and storage.
    • Holds up to 125 standard polyhedral dice.
    • Luxurious Velvet Playing Surface.
  • $19.99

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    Constructed of Durable Injection Molded Plastic for to withstand years of gaming. Perfect for use with metal dice. Removable and Reversible Dice Rolling Mat Made of Neoprene gives you two different style options depending on your gaming mood or take it out and use the mat as a gaming mouse pad. The Neoprene mat will also mute the loud sound of dice hitting a table. Tray Exterior Measures 14.75″ Long x 8.25″ Wide x 1.5″ Tall. Interior Measures 14.25″ Long x 7.75″ Wide x 1.25″ Tall. Perfect size to get a good roll without taking up tons of table space. Contained in a Heavy Duty Storage Box That Fits tray Snuggly. Enough Storage Inside Tray for Figures, Cards, Dice and Other Accessories. Easy to travel: The box has room for storage and is easy to put in a bag or carry.

    • Dimensions: 14″ x 8″.
    • Perfect for any RPG campaign.
    • Made of strong injection molded plastic.
    • Can withstand frequent use and is also easy to clean.
    • Reversible: Choose your game, choose your side.
  • $24.99

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    Be the envy of your gaming table with this medieval castle keep dice tower and DM screen with initiative turn tracker. Never have your dice accidentally roll all over the table or drop on the floor. And never forget whose turn is next. Easily roll a whole handful of dice at once for those massive attacks. The dry-erase initiative tracker helps both players and DMs easily keep track of turns and instantly know who’s next.
    Included are a sheet of sticky squares to attach maps and rules to customize your DM screen. The tower has been designed to a 1″:5′ scale to be used as an RPG miniature prop. Medium sized miniatures fit well on top of tower and walls behind battlements. The DM screens also work well as pencil holders during the game and hold 2-3 RPG books for easy carrying. Check out our YouTube video by searching for Castle Keep Dice Tower.

    • Dice Tower is over 12″ tall with four ramps for optimal randomization.
    • 5″ x 7″ dice tray easily holds 20 dice or more.
    • Magnetic dry-erase name labels for tracking initiative and turns.
    • Two Castle Wall DM screens for attaching maps and rules.
    • The walls and tower are made of corrugated fiberboard.
  • $25 $20.43

    This product is out of stock!

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    Everybody needs a solid shelter, dice too. In fantasy worlds, there is nothing better than a real medieval tower: durable and built with taste, easier to maintain than the whole castle. So the experts from Q WORKSHOP made this exceptional Medieval Dice Tower as one of our engineers‘ architectural masterpieces. The goal is one and only: to prevents your precious dice from falling off the table ever again! Also, the unique design creates a special atmosphere during your gaming sessions. This set allows you to build the colorfully painted tower on your own. The Dice Tower can help maintain order and allows to clearly see the results. No more cheaters! No more “Stands on edge, I roll again!”. No more “Where are the dice?”. Dice Tower dimensions: 16 cm (6.3″) of length, 7,5 cm (2.95″) of width and 16,5 cm (6.5″) of heigth.

    • All pieces are cut with laser precision.
    • Tower is made from the sturdy materials (MDF) with elegant ornaments.
    • You can build Tower without any tools. 
    • Great support for all big boardgames and battle games.
    • Accessories are manufactured in Poland, European Union.

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