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20+ Adventurous LARPing Gift Ideas for Live-Action Roleplayers

If you tried LARP (or live-action roleplaying) chances are you probably got instantly hooked. LARPing clothes and accessories need to be practical, realistic and… well, fantastic. Here are some of our ideas for LARP gifts and attires – for oneself or others.

We have selected some of the best LARP accessories, weapons and props to find your style. We regularly update our collection, so feel free to come back and check them out.

“The best way of successfully acting a part is to be it.”
― Arthur Conan Doyle, The Adventure of the Dying Detective

  • $4.65

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    Perfect gift (or self-gift, most likely) for cosplayers! These elf ears are great for fantasy themed costumes, spock lookalikes, hobbits and creatures.

    • Made of Soft Flexible Latex
    • Easily Fits Over Ears For A Comfortable Fit
    • Measures 3 1/2″ x 1 1/2″
    • No Messy Spirit gum Or Adhesives Needed!
    • Can Be Easily Customized to any Color by Using a Plastic-Safe Spray Paint
  • $2.99

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    When infiltrating a keep or a castle, an assassin would carry only the smallest of weapons so that they could easily be concealed. Small daggers coated in poison were a favored choice until the introduction of long-range weaponry.When housed in it’s sheath it can be lashed to almost anything and measures only 11 inches long overall.

    The dagger is beautifully constructed. The double edged stainless steel blade is sharpened to a factory edge with a subtle blood groove in the center. The entire dagger is accented with silver cast metal over a non-reflective black base. The measures are 9 1/2 inches overal, and 5 1/4 inch blade.

    • Perfect prop for cosplayers
    • Dark Assassin Dagger prop
    • Double edge
    • Stainless steel
    • Accents in silver metal and black
  • $256.99

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    Ariel is a Sylvan Elf and daughter of Kirkwood. A favorite of King Tranquil and Captain of his Woodland Guard, she is an expert fighter and extremely fast and agile in battle. Her signature weapons are twin daggers and a bow. The bow is a deadly accurate traditional resurvey design used by the Woodland Guard, ornately carved with leaf motifs and hoof-shaped string nocks. United Cutlery’s replica is crafted of steel-reinforced Polynesian, with precise detailing and colors to exactly match the movie prop. It is presented with a poly stone wall mount featuring a graphic motif of Ariel.

    • Overall bow length: 48-Inches
    • Overall arrow length: 42-Inches
    • Ornately carved with leaf motifs and hoof-shaped string nocks
    • Intricately crafted of steel-reinforced Polynesian
    • Presented with a poly stone wall mount
  • $66.29

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    Cuffed Knee Boot W/ Octopus Buckles & Inner Side Zip. Pleaser is one of the world’s leading brands of retro-style footwear. The wide array of styles by Pleaser allows you to express your inner wild-child and let your imagination run wild.

    • Material: Synthetic
    • Manmade sole
    • Shaft measures approximately 13.5″ from arch
    • Heel measures approximately 1.25″
    • Platform measures approximately 0.5″
    • Imported
  • $19.95

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    Let’s talk about the elephant in the room here. You do not have a set of awesome horns! Your head is complete devoid of a glorious set of horns! Sure, you could continue your sad, humdrum hornless existence, crying yourself to sleep, but why? There’s something you can do about it! There’s something that you can do about that with our new accessory!

    Whether you’re playing a satyr in a classic Greek tragedy, or you’re just trying to get in touch with your wild side, these Beast Horns make for a great new look to add to your cranium. (That’s right, we called your head a cranium.) We recommend transforming into one of the many buds of Dionysus for a crazy party of epic Greek proportions. Or, you could always use it for your next killer LARP costume! Either way, you won’t have to go another day without a set of glorious horns.

    • Size: Standard
    • Foam horns have clear elastic cord headband
    • Each horn is 8.5″ long, 2″ diameter at base
    • Cord is length-adjustable w/ attached toggle
  • $74.66

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    This is the perfect plus size clothing, fashion victorian gothic dresses for women, bridesmaid dresses, sexy halloween costumes for women available to suit a pirate, cyberpunk, goth, punk, pencil skirt, homecoming dresses, cocktail dresses, formal dresses or sexy lingerie steampunk girls clothing. This long skirt is made out of a beautiful design and an attractive style, which will assist you to grab the attention of a crowd. The elasticized waist and adjustable length in front makes it perfect for any type of a girl.

    This summer dresses is made out of a beautiful design and an attractive style, which will assist you to grab the attention of a crowd. The elasticized waist and adjustable length in front makes it perfect for any type of a girl.
    Best match women tops for halloween costumes halloween costume ideas.

    • Size:One Size
    • F Waist width 72-94cm, Skirt Front Length 48cm, Skirt Back Length 100cm
    • Includes maxi dresses only, other accessories do not come along with this product and you will have to purchase them separately.
    • It is made out of a soft and durable fabric in order to last for a long period of time while retaining the appearance.
  • $10.39

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    Double Dragon Leather Journal With Cord, perfect for keeping your deepest secrets or to be used as a prop in cosplaying, medieval fairs and more. This hand-tooled leather-bound journal features a pair of dragons locked in battle, laced cording on the spine, and 15″L leather wraparound tie. Perfect for jotting down thoughts, memories, dreams, or creating fantastical art.

    • Measures approx. 5″ x 7″
    • 240 blank handmade paper pages
    • Unique embossed dragon motive
    • Highest quality product
    • Has laced cording on the spine, and 15″L leather wraparound tie.
  • $29.99

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    This fantasy-inspired leather pouch (Deluxe edition!) comes with sixty coins and in three distinct gorgeous designs full of craftsmanship. With the Dragon’s Hoard from Stratagem, your games will be heavier than the coffers of the Goblin King! Store your bronze stags, silver krakens and gold dragons to keep them away from your fellow adventurer’s reach, and ditch the underwhelming abstraction of writing “10 gold” on your character sheet. A perfect roleplaying gift idea, this pouch can be used in board game meetups, RPG nights and of course, into a myriad of dungeons. With The Dragon’s Hoard from Stratagem, your games will be heavier than the coffers of the Goblin King! Each coin is emblazoned with detailed art and texture, but is non-denominated to scale with a wide variety of fantasy economies. 

    • Pouch includes 60 sturdy, authentic metal coins.
    • Includes ten gold dragons, twenty silver krakens and thirty bronze stags.
    • High-quality components and captivating design.
    • Includes retail packaging & instructions – Ages 8 and up
    • Non-denominated for any fantasy economy!
  • $56.04

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    No medieval wardrobe is complete without the staple fashion of the Middle Ages: The medieval tunic! This realistic garment is simple in style with an A-line waist and is made with care from top quality 100% cotton that is both soft and textured and provides a comfortable fit. What really highlights this tunic is the contrasting colored trim accenting the sleeves, neckline, and bottom edges. For an authentic and appealing look, this is one piece you’ll want to own. All clothing and costume products are made from the finest materials with attention to providing intricate details in each piece.

    • Contrasting colored trim accenting the sleeves, neckline, and bottom edges.
    • Material: 100% Cotton, very comfortable fabric.
    • A great look for Viking or Medieval themes.
    • Great for LARP (live action role-playing), cosplay, theatrical props and historical reenactments.
    • Fully Wearable and comfortably made.
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    This garment is the perfect Viking apron that will awaken the Nordic blood in you. It’s made with wool, polyacrilic and polyester and imported from Turkey. This apron overdress is recognizable and well-known part of Viking’s costume, although it can be used for any medieval LARP or cosplay event. The materials are realistic and look gorgeous and resistant.

    • Materials: 20% Wool, 60% Polyacrylic, 20% Polyester.
    • Imported product.
    • Make your character expressive and unique.
    • Feel a dozen centuries younger!
    • Accessories and vest not included.
  • $24.85

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    This 36″ foam sword is perfect for LARPing sessions or cosplaying events. The sword is made of high-quality materials and has a silver color guard and a handle wrapped with brown cord. The foam sword can be used for real fight practice, as it’s super reliable. You can use it against buffer weapons (although keep in mind it won’t last as long as some of the more expensive LARP weapons).

    • Sword size: 36 inches.
    • Sword made of latex rubber foam.
    • Silver color guard, handle wrapped with brown cord.
    • Recommended for over 14 year-olds.
  • $29.95

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    This ethnography of a live-action role play (LARP) community examines the structure of play, how new participants are introduced and apprenticed into the culture, player expectations and motivations, and games as they are designed and as they are performed. The main focus is on LARP’s affordance for learning across a variety of disciplines and interests. The book is intended for LARP participants, academics interested in play or in collaborative development, those interested in new uses of familiar learning environments, and game developers with an interest in creating games with highly interactive narratives and co-creative play experiences in which the role of designer and player is blurred.

    • Paperback: 224 pages.
    • Product Dimensions: 6 x 0.8 x 9.2 inches.
    • Publisher: McFarland & Company (January 13, 2015).
    • ISBN-10: 0786496010.
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    This chainmail is incredibly well built, especially for the price. You would have no problem testing taking a slashing knife attack (but DON’T try this at home!). Many battle commanders, nobility, and wealthier soldiers were willing to acquire chain mail armor to increase their survivability. It protects the body from swords, spears, knives, impact weapons, and projectiles, while still providing full and equal coverage. This chain mail coif is genuine armor that can be worn for the purpose of protection.

    • Weight: About 18lbs.
    • Chain Link Diameter: 10 mm.
    • Fitment: Adult Sizes.
    • Perfect for LARP, renascence fairs and other events.
  • $38.91

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    This 17.75″ foam shield is perfect for LARPing and made of high-quality materials. Whether you’re looking to purchase this shield on its own or to add to your collection, it is sure to look beautiful on display and for cosplay. The back of the shield is wrapped in black cord. The buckler-type shield weights 2.3 pounds.

    • Shield Diameter: 17.75 inches.
    • Materials: Made of latex rubber foam, wood finish paint.
    • Handle on the back of the shield wrapped with black cord.
    • The shield can be used for real fight practice.
    • Recommended age: Over 14 years.
  • $24.95

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    This 31″ Foam Axe is sure to look beautiful on display and for cosplay. The axe is made of high-quality materials (latex rubber foam) and measures 31 inches in total. The handle is wrapped in black cord. A great weapon to practise and to use in LARP sessions and cosplaying events. The axe can be used for real fight practice.

    • Measurements: 31 inches tall.
    • Materials: Made of latex rubber foam.
    • Silver double blade axe head with cross design.
    • Handle wrapped with black cord.
    • Recommended age: Over 14 years old. 
  • $13.99

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    If you’re headed down to the local Renaissance Fair or possibly an SCA even, be sure to don our period accurate Great Suede Evergreen Belt Pouch! A double-riveted belt loop means it can be easily carried. This is a good-looking and authentic accessory, ideal for adorning the medieval re-enactor’s or LARP enthusiast’s outfit. This pouch is dyed the color of a lush evergreen forest.

    • Total Length: 10 Inches, Total Width: 10 Inches.
    • Material: Genuine Suede.
    • Color: Forest Evergreen.
    • Closure: Bronze Coin and Loop.
  • $6.96

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    This set includes nine assorted vials you can use to hold small objects or elements. The vials are a great accessory for RPG sessions, LARPing and to use as cosplaying props. The vials are made with glass and cork, and come in different sizes for multiple creative uses!

    • Materials: Glass and cork.
    • Measurements: Ranging from 1-1/4 to 2-7/8 inches tall.
    • Prop for multiple creative uses.
    • Created by designer Tim Holtz Idea-ology.