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I know why you are here. You are drowning in a sea of books. Your room looks like the one in V for Vendetta.

Once I had to move my library because of reasons, so I have to remove all my books from it. I would have put them anywhere if in everywhere else already were books. So I put them on the floor and I made a huge pile, in the middle of the room (yeah, not my brightest idea.) At night I was wondering -half-drunk- through the apartment (when I tell this story I might say I was half asleep, I need to protect my reputation) and because I was half drunk, I forgot about the huge pile of books. I kicked the bottom and everything collapsed. I fall under the weight of paper and fear, without any clue about what was going on. My must dramatic encounter with literature yet. “Yes, I said it George R. R. Martin. I would say it again if I wasn’t sure you are sitting in my closet with an axe willing to chop my head off.”

So, the next day, hangover and with bruises everywhere, I started wondering about solutions. And I ran across the Fred & Friends THE END Dramatic Bookends. I got them, of course. It applied perfectly to my situation.

But the bookends not only look awesome. They are practical too. Crafted from powder-coated steel and has that cool appearing to fall silhouetted design. It is 4.5” tall, 7” long and 5” wide. Believe me, your books won’t move.

Sometimes I like to get closer to the library and whisper “hang on in there little guy, is almost over” and then load it up even more. That book’s pile experience have changed me. Don’t let the same happen to you.

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