Top 10 Joss Whedon’s Firefly gifts

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Top 10 Joss Whedon’s Firefly gifts

One of the best sci-fi series of all times (and my ultimate favourite!), Firefly was created by Joss Whedon in 2002, and continued to draw new fans. The series is set in the year 2517, after the arrival of humans in a new star system, and follows the adventures of the renegade crew of Serenity, a “Firefly-class” spaceship.


serenity firefly lego

10. Serenity from Firefly – Custom LEGO Element Kit

Although referred to as a “flying piece of go se”, “luh-suh” or just plain “junk”, this ship has a very special place in all of science fiction and rightly considered the “tenth character” of the series.

  • VTOL function! Vertical Take-off and Landing function included in this design! Easily swivel the side engines to simulate flying procedures.
  • “Glowing” yellow tail section simulates the fusion explosion needed to propel the craft.
  • A sleek black stand is included!
  • Simple construction techniques allow for an easier build.
  • 81 official LEGO parts :)

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Firefly's Reaver Ship

9. Serenity Ornament Reaver Ship

Fans of Firefly and Serenity will be familiar with the look of the Reaver ships, created from abandoned ships and spare parts, with their threatening red markings.

In Serenity, the Reaver Ships emerge from an ion storm in the quest for Mal and his crew. These guys have based their ornament on one of the memorable, menacing ships in this scene.

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Inevitable Betrayal Dinosaurs Shirt

8. Inevitable Betrayal Dinosaur T-Shirt

“We will rule over all this land, and we will call it this land”.

Just like British actors in American film, poor theropods always end up playing the bad guys. At the beginning of the pilot for Firefly (well, okay, after the beginning beginning), Wash has those plastic dinosaurs, one of which is a Tyrannosaurus or an Allosaurus.

Either way, it’s a theropod that’s about to be vilified.

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Done the Impossible - Firefly book

7. Done The Impossible: The Fans’ Tale of Firefly & Serenity

Firefly and Serenity have grown beyond the genius of Joss Whedon. The words Firefly and Browncoat have come to symbolize a sense of community, family, and believing that the impossible can be accomplished. These concepts are at the very heart of Firefly and of its fans.

Adam Baldwin hosts the telling of this vivid Browncoat story that features interviews with Joss Whedon, creator of Firefly and Serenity, the cast, crew, and most important, the fans themselves. The story chronicles the rise, fall, and rebirth of the cult TV show “Firefly” as told from the perspective of the fans who helped save it. Fans of the TV show and movie share what inspired them to become passionate about Firefly, to help save Firefly, attend shindigs, participate in message boards, donate to charities, and become Serenity extras. They talk about the many ways that Firefly has affected their lives. The cast and crew also share humorous and insightful experiences.

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6. Serenity Bank Heist Money by Quantum Mechanix

Making sure you get your cut has never been easier than with the Serenity: Bank Heist money pack! Each pack contains 12 exact replicas of the Alliance scrip that Mal Reynolds and associates liberated on Lilac, as created by Serenity graphic artist Geoffrey Mandel.

All bills are printed on high rag-content parchment, and come wrapped in an Alliance belly band and stashed in a glossy black presentation box. This pack also includes a map of the infamous Burnham Quadrant, home to Reaver space and where tranquil Miranda orbits. The map is taken directly from the film’s digital reference files and is printed on archival, glossy stock.

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Firefly Serenity Flight Bumper Sticker

5. Firefly Serenity Flight Bumper Sticker

A Boat in the Air We Can All Love. It’s Serenity in her purest form: an elegant line drawing of the legendary Firefly-class transport ship rendered by QMx Senior Illustrator Mohammad Hawk Haque.

Now you can take her with you on your laptop case, emblazoned on your car or wherever you darn well please.

This weatherproof sticker measures 6.5 inches from nose to tail and just shy of 4 inches across. Hardy like Serenity herself, it’s appropriate for indoor and outdoor use.

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4. Patch Set of 3 Serenity/Firefly Logo 3″ to 4″ Embroidered Patches

  • Fully Embroiderd Patch set of 3
  • Size: 3″ to 4″
  • Mailed from the USA
  • Heat Sensitive Backing for Iron-on Application

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Firefly Serenity Spaceship Model

3. Serenity Wallscape / Supersize Vinyl (48 in)

Using the original studio 3-D model of Serenity seen in the movie, designers have created an image of our favorite Firefly with all her detail intact. They are even willing to bet this is the biggest Serenity anyone will ever own! Thanks to new large-format decal printing technology, we finally have a canvas large enough to do Our Girl justice.

This super-sized vinyl sticker uses a special low-tack adhesive that allows you to reposition your Wallscape over and over again. Just apply with a squeegee to a smooth, clean, dry interior wall. It’s 48 inches of super-high quality vinyl that shows every color, every fine point there is to see: The Serenity Wallscape.

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Serenity Vol 1 Cmis Firefly

2. Serenity, Vol. 1: Those Left Behind

Penned by Whedon and Brett Matthews, who wrote several episodes of Firefly as well as Dark Horse’s final Angel comics series and the animated Chronicles of Riddick feature Dark Fury, Serenity follows a ship full of mercenaries, fugitives and one law-abiding prostitute in their pursuit for fast cash and a little peace along the fringes of space.

The ragtag crew of Serenity take on a scavanger mission with the hopes of earning enough dough to disappear for a while. Only too late do they realize the whole gig is orchestrated by an old enemy eager remake their aquanitance with the help of some covert-operatives known only as the Blue Gloves.

Artist Will Conrad (Marvel’s Elektra and Witches) and colorist Laura Martin (Astonishing X-Men and The Ultimates) paint a rough and wild world of adventure across a strange and dangerous universe, in this not-to-be-missed tale straight from the brain of pop-culture mastermind Joss Whedon!

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Lot of 5 Serenity Movie Firefly Les Hommes Posters Prints

1. Official 5 Firefly Serenity Les Hommes Posters | Prints

Officially Licensed Firefly Les Hommes Poster Set from Quantum Mechanix!

Includes four full-color, 24 x 12 prints on 100-pound satin-finish paper of:

– Simon Tam
– Captain Malcolm Reynolds
– Shepherd Book
– Hoban Washburne
– Jayne Cobb

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