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I just was randomly kissed on the street.

The woman, tall and brunette, insisted on discussing this important mission ahead. “Mr. Stark is waiting,” she said, and then some nonsense about a red face dude who was ready to conquer the US. It wasn’t until she called me Rogers that it hit me. Only then I noticed her military tags and the -way too tight,- green suit.

I’m wearing my Captain America Shield Backpack right? I thought. Yes, that’s it.

“Peggy,” I said, while looking deeply into her eyes, “I’m not the real Cap. Even though my shield looks exactly the same, this is just a backpack.” Actually, I was in Team Stark for a while. You have no idea what I’m taking about? Sure, I jumped over like 4 movies, sorry. Don’t be fooled, though. This product is not only for fooling S.H.I.E.L.D. members!

First of all, this is a comfortable, well-distributed backpack. With a large main pocket, two accessory pockets and a tablet/notebook separation. This last one is the one protected by the external shield plastic cover.

  • Easy to wear and easy to carry. It’s padded for your back and it has a top handle to pick up and run. Hydra can wait; you have a bus to catch!
  • Notice you can hang it form both sides. The shield in one, the Captain’s uniform in the other one. Cool either way!
  • With an 18” shield diameter this bag can be used as carry-on to attend international mission. Evil has no jurisdiction, neither do you.
  • Doesn’t matter which Avenger size you are, the look-like gear straps adjust form 19” to 32” giving you the looks and the maneuverability of the actual Cap.

So throw away that boring bag of yours and acquire this Stark Industries original product.

Live life Marvel style.

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