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The new model GBA SPTM comes in a redesigned clamshell case with a screen that flips up (just like a lot of mobile phones). Further finally Nintendo has added the so much missing Frontlit. Last but not least the GBA SPTM comes with a rechargeable lithium-ion battery as standard, providing the unit with 10 hours of battery life with the light on and 18 hours of play with it off.

Plays back all usual Game Boy AdvanceTM and of course also standard Game Boy (Color) TM games.

  • Limited Edition Frontlit Game Boy Advance version
  • Famicom colored GBA SPTM
  • Plays all Game Boy Advance (and GB Color) games
  • Flip up screen
  • Measures 82 x 84.6 x 24.3mm
  • This model is supplied with a 110V power supply (ideal for Japan, USA & Canada)
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