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Airwolf 3D Printer AW3D V.5 + 1 LB Filament Assembled Prusa Reprap Repstrap


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The Airwolf 3D printer is a RepRap (RepStrap) 3D printer, born from the ideas of an open source community and as such, can be customized and enhanced.

Now, this is what’s unique about the Airwolf: All printed parts are made by an Airwolf 3D printer. Every printed part described herein is completely reproducible by you at home, and most parts can be printed accurately in less than an hour.

  • Software: Google sketchup, MeshUp and others
  • Dimensions: 200mm x 200mm x 150mm
  • Easy to use height-adjusting lever
  • Separate Off/On and heat switches
  • Gen6 electronics
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